PhDsoft and Shell Brasil renewed the contract for the development of the FPSO Digital Twin, a digital twin used to manage the structure integrity of FPSOs, floating production storage and offloading platforms.

The Digital Twin FPSO allows the mapping, simulation and anticipation of the corrosive process of platforms that are usually located in environments susceptible to natural phenomena, such as storms, winds and sea air, which increases the corrosion rate of their structures.

Through the digital twin technology, the software is able to simulate such structures and promote advanced analysis on the influence that natural phenomena can have on the platforms, promoting the reduction of corrective maintenance costs and the identification of possible problems more assertively.

“We have a long-standing partnership with Shell Brasil. The first contract focused on migrating the technology to the cloud. Now we are going to dedicate ourselves to developing more sophisticated functionalities that involve finite element calculations and hydrodynamics running on high-performance computers”, says Duperron Marangon Ribeiro, CEO of PhDsoft, an engineering and technology company that has been developing digital twin technology for over 25 years.

International recognition

The partnership between PhDsoft and Shell Brasil is internationally recognized. “Last year, the use of the FPSO Digital Twin was mentioned as one of the most significant cases of innovation by the B20 Summit, a global forum of leaders that presented proposals on trade, innovation and digital transformation for sustainability to the G20, a group that brings together the largest economies of the world”, says Rosana Ellis, Chief Operating Officer of PhDsoft.