Oil & Gas

C4D® focuses on the integrity of offshore Oil & Gas structures to prevent accidents and reduce overhead costs. It makes projections of degradation by combining previous and current data. This enables general maintenance and repair tasks to be planned and executed before damages occur so that the risk of accidents can be reduced and the lifetime of assets extended.


C4D® was actually first developed specifically for marine structures. It provides reliable inspection data to maintain the integrity of ships and Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels. It also provides functionality to measure the thickness of corrosion and can be used by classification and thickness measurement companies to generate inspections, sketches, average points and final reports.

Civil Engineering

Corrosion is known as the main cause of deformation, stress, and deterioration in the civil engineering industry. Critical structures, such as bridges, are usually located in aggressive environments, where external factors contribute to speed up corrosion. C4D® enables the necessary risk management and the planning of maintenance at early stages to address these harmful conditions.


The average age of commercial aircraft in service today has increased; therefore making it imperative for aviation companies to have an effective corrosion control program in place. This will help to safely extend the lifetime of airplanes and minimize the risk of accidents. C4D® can be applied to all types of aircraft to predict corrosion and degradation rates and plan maintenance.

Industrial Plants

C4D® has many benefits for industrial plants, allowing users to monitor risks such as uniform thickness loss, grooves, bubbles, fluency, delamination, fractures and dents. The software evaluates data automatically and predicts future inspection and maintenance in accordance to recommended rules and practices.

Nuclear Plants

The biggest challenge in the maintenance of nuclear plants is how to predict corrosion caused by stress cracking and build-up activity. C4D® makes it possible to manage maintenance, integrity of structures and static equipment of nuclear facilities by making predictions based on the history of specific degradation, repairs and failures.