We are dedicated to deliver innovation to our clients, and critical to that mission are the relationships we build with our technology, engineering and service partners.

We have launched the first version of the PhDC4D® in 1993 and its first actual use was in Transpetro in 1995. It was the first Predictive Digital Twin in the market. Only 8 years later the term Digital Twin was even created. Since then, PhDsoft has leaded on the Predictive Digital Twin technology.

Our flagship product, PhDC4D®, stands alone as a robust and proven solution that accurately predicts the degradation and corrosion of complex assets over time. Nonetheless, PhDsoft is committed to consistently deliver proven technology and develop new specialized features tailored to our clients needs.

As a company, we want to contribute to a sustainable life by reducing risks of accidents and extending lifespan of assets. PhDsoft believes that the results from commitment, creativity, and innovation are empowered by the happiness of our employees, partners and clients.