PhDsoft has the proven technology and experience to partner with Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) companies around the world to bring unique integrated solutions to our clients. We recently established a successful partnership with Orteng that enabled integration among C4D® and hybrid ROVs. This exciting project used C4D®’s technology to manage the hulls and keep track of the maintenance of an offshore platform´s operation integrity by using the exact location of the data obtained by robots in real time.

Measurements of all thickness were obtained by a hybrid ROV. This enabled the data that was collected to be more precise than data collected by traditional, ultrasound equipment which is mostly located inside the hull. The ROV data collection technique was integrated with C4D®, to predict corrosion and ensure better performance.

C4D® and ROV can also allow structure inspections to take place in deep or ultra-deep waters, depending on the ROV’s capability to resist pressure. This technique has even been used for the operation process on the continental shelves off the coast of Brazil.

  • Test with ROV in LNCD tank

  • Examining the data sent by the ROV