The use of PhDsoft’s digital twin in FPSOs was mentioned as one of the most significant cases of innovation by the B20 Summit, a global forum of leaders that presented proposals for trade, innovation and digital transformation for sustainability to the G20, a group that brings together largest economies in the world.

“A global group of energy and petrochemical companies has introduced digital twin technology to monitor their Brazilian FPSOs. The company is able to track the state of the entire structure of its platforms with an intuitive visualization. Alerts are used to feed a system corrosion prediction that indicates when a specific area needs maintenance”, highlights the case study prepared by B20.

“According to the group, among the main benefits of using PhDsoft’s digital twins in FPSOs are the fast, accurate and detailed identification of assets that require maintenance, through an easy-to-access interface, with sensors that capture the conditions of the platforms in real-time, the use of an intelligence algorithm to generate the prediction of corrosion of pipes and surfaces and the support for decision making for the safe planning of maintenance”, says PhDsoft CEO, Duperron Marangon Ribeiro.

The organizers of the case study library – which includes global giants such as Microsoft, Enel, Tim and Eni – considered the result of the task force survey that brought the technologies together beyond expectations.

“Thank you Shell, ANP and Senai, for the synergistic project that we have been doing together”, concludes the executive.