In March 2014, Pesquisa FAPESP magazine, publication of the São Paulo State Research Support Foundation (FAPESP), highlighted PhDSoft in the report “Software made in Brazil”. The special report showed how Brazilian software was gaining the world.

“PhDsoft is a company about to enter the global market for suppliers of applications and technologies for the oil sector. The company’s main product, founded 14 years ago by former UFRJ [Federal University of Rio de Janeiro] professor Duperron Marangon, is C4D software, a program simulation capable of predicting structural failures in ships, oil platforms, bridges and other large constructions. The objective of the technology is to predict accidents, resulting in a significant reduction in the cost of inspection and maintenance”, said the report.

“Leading oil companies operating in Brazil, such as Petrobras, Shell, Transpetro and Subsea7, are customers of PhDsoft, which plans to open an office in Houston, Texas by September this year. ‘It will be our base for exploring the American market “, says Marangon. In addition, he is in negotiations with a government agency in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada, to start selling his products to the country.” Internationalization has always been an objective that we have pursued. Expanding our sales outside Brazil will mean a change in the level of our business’, says Marangon “.

This publication, in 2014, demonstrates PhDsoft’s pioneering spirit and leadership in the development of systems for predictive maintenance and risk analysis of critical assets, with the objective of reducing maintenance costs and improving the operational safety of machines, equipment and structures.


According to the Brazilian Association for Maintenance and Asset Management (ABRAMAN), on average, 5% of the industry’s gross revenue is spent on maintenance.

“Maintenance costs are significantly reflected in the financial results of companies.  To reduce  maintenance costs is mandatory to ensure the competitiveness of industries in the most varied segments”, explains Raimar van den Bylaardt, Director of Innovation at PhDsoft. “That’s where predictive maintenance and PhDsoft’s C4D come in,” he says.

According to the executive, predictive maintenance is one of the techniques capable of offering operational security in the industry, through the continuous monitoring of machines, equipment and structures.

“Predictive maintenance reduces the occurrence of unexpected failures and prevents a series of problems from being triggered,” he explains. “In addition, it increases the useful life of the equipment. All of this is, obviously, reflected in the financial results of the companies”, he reinforces.

Robust and proven technology, the PhDsoft digital twin C4D accurately predicts the degradation and corrosion of complex assets over time, the C4D is able to monitor, analyze and improve process performance, reduce costs and increase productivity, such as also perform risk analysis, signaling potential accidents.

“C4D is a perfect match for predictive maintenance,” says the PhDsoft executive, recalling that the solution is used in major oil exploration and production projects in Brazil and worldwide.