One of the world’s largest ports and one of the most efficient container ports in North America, the Port of Houston will use PhDsoft’s C4D digital twin to improve operational performance, reduce inspection and maintenance costs, and maximize crane asset life.

The contract between PhDsoft and the Port of Houston was signed last year. C4D goes into operation at the port later this year, after the tests that started in February.

“Asset integrity management is one of the most important areas for port owners and operators. C4D allows the immediate awareness of the structure degradation through its 4D X-ray visualization, and consolidates all the information in a database of simple and fast access”, explains Duperron Ribeiro, CEO of PhDsoft.

“The database format file allows the information exchange inside the Port of Houston and with unlimited service provider companies, such as inspection companies, technical consultants, painting and maintenance companies, among others”, says Duperron.

“In addition, it helps to automate and improve inspection measurements and paint consistency, creates corrosion statistical evaluations rates, calculates painting areas and cathodic protection, creates bills of materials, repairs specifications, among other features”.