PhDsoft won another award at the InnoSTARS Competition, in Shenyang, China. After being awarded as Best Technology Company, it was recognized as “Best Potentiality” (picture). Digital Twin Solutions for Industry 4.0, Cloud Computing, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are matters in which PhDsoft in involved since its foundation. That is why the company leads Digital Transformation in its area.
The 2018 InnoSTARS Competition final was held at Suzhou International Expo Centre, on Nov 7. A total of 21 innovative projects concerning biomedicine, medical equipment, smart manufacturing, AI and VR, new energy, new materials, Internet of Things and information communication gained the entry to it after rounds of rivalries with nearly 1,000 opponents in about 20 cities in China and the United States from January.
InnoSTARS Competition, initiated last year with the support of the Chinese and US governments, is designed to discover commercially viable Chinese and US projects and connect them with potential investors and partners.
Rosana Ellis, COO of PhDsoft Technology, at the InnoSTARS 2018, in China.