In 2012, TN Petroleo magazine, one of the leading publications in Brazil’s oil and gas sector, highlighted the launch of a new version of C4D, PhDsoft’s digital twin.

“Unique in the world, [C4D] is used to maintain the integrity of offshore oil & gas structures to prevent accidents and reduce overhead costs. This led to C4D being adopted by Petrobras, Shell, Modec, and Subsea7,” wrote the magazine.

“Now, the software also includes augmented reality to guide underwater robots that assist with inspections. This was a demand for the exploration of the pre-salt,” noted the article, which employed input from Duperron Ribeiro, CEO of PhDsoft.

“C4D is a Brazilian success story. It brings together the most modern engineering, IT, and management techniques to maximize the efficiency of the maintenance process and minimize the risks of accidents that cause major damage, pollution, and deaths,” explained Duperron. “This was what attracted Petrobras, more than 15 years ago, when I was still testing the technology as a professor at UFRJ before founding PhDsoft in 2000.”

C4D gained value during the Covid-19 pandemic
Today, almost ten years later, C4D continues to undergo constant technological updates and gained great value during the Covid-19 pandemic for significantly reducing the face-to-face inspection of the assets under its control.