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In recognition of PhDsoft’s readiness to enable the digital transformation of the maintenance process of structures, static equipment and piping, PhDsoft is now highlighted on Siemens’ mindsphere.io website in the Featured Partners page. C4D uses MindSphere to support IoT integration and asset monitoring in real time, providing a smooth and safe digital transformation of the […]


Digital Transformation for pipelines, railways and roads.

Partners and customers understanding the benefits of our Smart Digital Twin approach asked for a solution for pipelines, railways, and roads. The answer is the Geo Dashboard where risks are showed in color. Every variable such as pressure, temperature, corrosion, repairs, etc is considered to calculate the risk. It is connected to all the C4D […]


The World Economic Forum and Accenture study “The Digital Transformation Initiative

“Digital transformation can help the Oil and Gas industry tackle the challenges it faces and, in the longer term, create value for all its stakeholders”, states in the foreword of the report Digital Transformation Initiative, produced by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Accenture. Here you can read some excerpts from the document: “Ever […]

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PhDsoft and Modec join forces on Digital Twin training day

PhDsoft and Modec has joined forces, in the begining of December, for a training day on Digital Twin. The objective was to prepare Modec colaborators to explore all of the features that C4D offers. The PhDsoft software was one of the first Digital Twin technologies ever developed. “That is why we have the best technology. […]

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Siemens join forces with PhDsoft for offshore platforms

PhDsoft Technology has joined forces with Siemens to provide services for offshore platforms. “With these partnerships we serve all types of equipment present on offshore platforms”, says Duperron Marangon, CEO of PhDsoft. Siemens was attracted after PhDsoft being awarded in Shell Innovation Challenge. Like Shell Smart Connect, Siemens MindSphere enables easier data communication of manual […]

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Lloyd’s Register RBI integrates to PhDsoft C4D®

One of the most successful and traditional companies of the world, Lloyd’s Register announced a partnership with PhDsoft to provide state-of-art technology and engineering services for Risk-based Inspections (RBI). The objective is to promote assets life extension. PhDsoft has been leading Predictive Digital Twin technology since 1993, even when that term did not exist. With […]


PhDsoft wins another award in China

PhDsoft won another award at the InnoSTARS Competition, in Shenyang, China. After being awarded as Best Technology Company, it was recognized as “Best Potentiality” (picture). Digital Twin Solutions for Industry 4.0, Cloud Computing, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are matters in which PhDsoft in involved since its foundation. That is why the company leads Digital Transformation in […]