We have launched the first version of the C4D® technology in 1993 and its first actual use was in Transpetro in 1995. It was the first Predictive Digital Twin in the market. Only 8 years later the term Digital Twin was even created. Since then, PhDsoft has leaded on the Predictive Digital Twin technology.

Our flagship product, C4D®, stands alone as a robust and proven solution that accurately predicts the degradation and corrosion of complex assets over time. Nonetheless, PhDsoft is committed to consistently deliver proven technology and develop new specialized features tailored to our clients needs.

As a company, we want to contribute to a sustainable life by reducing risks of accidents and extending lifespan of assets. PhDsoft believes that the results from commitment, creativity, and innovation are empowered by the happiness of our employees, partners and clients.

  • 1993

    First version of C4D®

    The software was launched designed for MS DOS

  • 1995

    Upgrade and first user

    Steelwork software was upgraded to run on Windows 95
    Transpetro started using the software in its vessels, becoming its first user.


  • 2000

    Company name changed to PhDsoft

    The company was founded under the name “Engesoftware”
    The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Brazil presented the Certificate of Technology and Innovation to “Engesoftware”
    Company name changed to PhDsoft

  • 2003


    Petrobras started using software to maintain the integrity of its oil platforms


  • 2006

    Shell and Modec

    C4D® , the third generation of the software, released with significant innovations in its management tools
    Shell and Modec started applying the software to their vessels

  • 2008 & 2010

    Won at the Rio Info Conference

    Won the Best Solution in Oil and Gas at the Rio Info Conference

    2008 & 2010

  • 2011

    Won at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

    Won the ASSESPRO Rio de Janeiro award and the Latin American and Caribbean Regional Partner Award in the Sustainability category at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

  • 2014

    Go Global

    PhDsoft was incorporated as business in the USA headquartered in Houston, Texas and joined Houston Technology Center (Technology Incubator)


  • 2015

    Won at the LAGCOE

    Won Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition (LAGCOE) New Technology Showcase – Spotlight innovation technology Watch the video

  • 2017

    Won the Best Business Plan & Strategy Award

    After winning the 2017 INNO-CHINA Entrepreneurship Competition in Houston, PhDsoft was invited to participate on the final round of the 2017 INNO-CHINA Entrepreneurship Competition in Jiading, Shanghai on June 28, 2017.